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  • UCPA is a unique and brilliant experience, I would not describe it as a hotel but also not hostel it is somewhere in-between. Its a place where meeting people and making friends...
    Peter E
  • There is always a range of ages, nationalities, mixtures of solo travellers, couples, groups etc. We have booked as a group of 6, a group of 36 (no joke) and even just me and my boyfriend – it works for all.
    Anna R
  • The food offers great variety, choice (several options each night), quantity (as much as you want) and quality is decent (7/10). Cheese and yoghurts coming out of your ears, packed lunch option, afternoon...
    Anna R
  • No matter how hard you try, when you book everything separately (especially with the Euro and price of food at the moment), you will never beat UCPA.
    Anna R


Dates & Prices

The prices below indicate that there should be availability for the given date / course. Our system presents the most up to date information from UCPA (live feed) but please be advised not to book any flights until you receive your booking confirmation e-mail from us. It is possible to book the last place at the same time as one of our foreign partners. We will contact you as soon as possible if this is the case.



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​Reserve your holiday for only £100 per person, pay the remainder 8 weeks before travel.
Argentiere (Summer)
Command item
Command item
 UCPA Argentiere (Summer)03/06/1810/06/1817/06/1824/06/1801/07/1808/07/1815/07/1822/07/1829/07/1805/08/1812/08/1819/08/1826/08/1802/09/1809/09/18 
UCPA Discover the High Mountains -£559£559£579£597£597£616£634£652£652£652£652£616£597£579 
UCPA Accommodation with Lift Pass -£301£301£301£319-------£319£301£301 
Chamonix (Summer)
Command item
Command item
 UCPA Chamonix (Summer)03/06/1810/06/1817/06/1824/06/1801/07/1808/07/1815/07/1822/07/1829/07/1805/08/1812/08/1819/08/1826/08/1802/09/1809/09/18 
UCPA Accommodation with Lift Pass £319£319-£319-£319£319£319£319£319£319£319-£319£319 
UCPA Chamonix - Zermatt Trek ---£930-£930-£1022-£1022-£930--- 
UCPA Alpine Mountaineering 4 Day Break ----£394--£394-£394£394£394-£394£394 
UCPA Mont Blanc Preparation for Beginner Mountaineers -----£616-£616£616-£616£616-£616£616 
UCPA Alpine Mountaineering Introduction £616--£652£652£671£708£727£727£727£708£690-£671£634 
UCPA Alpine Mountaineering Improver ---£671-£690£727£744£744£744£727£708-£690£652 
UCPA Alpine Mountaineering Advanced £690£708--£727-£782£801£801£801-£764-£744£708 
UCPA Alpine Mountaineering 14 Days £1449---£1449-£1449-£1449-£1449---- 
UCPA Alpine Mountaineering Introduction (16-17 Years) ---£671£727£727£727£708£708£708£708£690--- 
UCPA Alpine Mountaineering Improver (16-17 years) ---£690-£744£744£727£727£727£727£708--- 
UCPA Alpine Mountaineering Advanced (16-17 years) ----£801-£801£782£782£782-£764--- 
UCPA Mont Blanc Preparation -£634-£634£634£634£634£634-£634£634--£634£634 
UCPA Summit du Mont Blanc 4810m ---£1485£1485-----£1485£1485-£1485- 
UCPA Summit du Bishorn 4159m ------£801-£801-£801--£801- 
UCPA Summit of Breithorn 4,164 m -----£819-£819-£819-£819--£819 
UCPA Summit l'Alphubel 4,206m ----£837-£837-£837-£837---- 
UCPA Grand Paradis - First 4000m peak ---£690£690£744£744£744£744£744£744£744-£652£652 
UCPA Mont Rose 4,563m ----£875£894£930-£930£930£930£930-£875- 
UCPA Chamonix Rock & Ice ------£431£449£467£467£467£467--- 

Prices for our week long winter holidays are Saturday to Saturday. They automatically include the UCPA early arrival option enabling you to ski all day on Sunday as both the lift pass and equipment are available to use. Please contact the office if you would prefer to stay Sunday to Saturday.

Summer holidays are Sunday to Saturday. This is due to your equipment not being available until Sunday evening but there is the option to arrive on Saturday if you would like.

All prices include:

  • Accommodation in Multi Share rooms (extra for twin)
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Equipment rental
  • Instruction/Guide
  • Lift passes, or any other cost related to your activity course (hut nights, green fees, entry charges etc)

In fact, the only extra costs are transport, travel insurance and a few social beers!