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Trail Running 

Dates & Prices

The prices below indicate that there should be availability for the given date / course. Our system presents the most up to date information from UCPA (live feed) but please be advised not to book any flights until you receive your booking confirmation e-mail from us. It is possible to book the last place at the same time as one of our foreign partners. We will contact you as soon as possible if this is the case.




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Argentiere (Summer)
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 UCPA Argentiere (Summer)03/06/1810/06/1817/06/1824/06/1801/07/1808/07/1815/07/1822/07/1829/07/1805/08/1812/08/1819/08/1826/08/1802/09/1809/09/18 
UCPA Trail Running & Multi Sports -£394£394£412£431£431£449£467£486£486£486£486£449£431£412 
UCPA Accommodation with Lift Pass -£301£301£301£319-------£319£301£301 
UCPA Trail Running Evasion -----£431-£467-£486-£486-£431- 
UCPA Trail Running for Beginners -£301£301£319£338£338£356£374£394£394£394£394£356£338£319 
UCPA Trail Running Preparation -£356£356£374£394£394£412£431£449£449£449£449£412£394£374 
Chamonix (Summer)
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Command item
 UCPA Chamonix (Summer)03/06/1810/06/1817/06/1824/06/1801/07/1808/07/1815/07/1822/07/1829/07/1805/08/1812/08/1819/08/1826/08/1802/09/1809/09/18 
UCPA Accommodation with Lift Pass £319£319-£319-£319£319£319£319£319£319£319-£319£319