Located within the beautiful Chamonix valley, the village of Argentiere offers a quieter and prettier location than the bustling town of Chamonix. The mountains and hills surrounding the town are the ideal playground for a number of adventure sports such as mountaineeringhikingcanyoningclimbing and mountain biking


Town Centre

The village of Argentiere has a range of amenities such as  bars, restaurants, outdoor shops and bakeries as well as direct access to the mountains. It offers a picture perfect setting with the snow capped mountains and glacier set above it, the historical architecture of the old town and the alpine river running through the middle. It is linked by bus, train or numerous stunning footpaths to the main town of Chamonix, just 8 km away but is definitely the town to relax in as the pace of life is a lot slower.

UCPA Centre

The UCPA centre in Argentiere dominates the village centre. Renovated in 2013, the centre was almost completely demolished and now offers state of the art accommodation within its historic shell. To keep the bedrooms larger, the bathrooms are still shared hence the 2 star rating but apart from this, everything else is definitely UCPA at its best. A fantastic restaurant, modern rooms, powerful showers, huge social area, friendly bar and outside a volleyball court and swimming pool!


The lift and hut network offer outstanding access to a huge variety of terrain from rolling hills to jagged mountain giants. There is something available for all ability levels, whether you are looking for a gentle walk or an alpine test piece there are plenty of world class options to go at.​

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  • The food offers great variety, choice (several options each night), quantity (as much as you want) and quality is decent (7/10). Cheese and yoghurts coming out of your ears, packed lunch option, afternoon...
    Anna R
  • No matter how hard you try, when you book everything separately (especially with the Euro and price of food at the moment), you will never beat UCPA.
    Anna R
  • There is always a range of ages, nationalities, mixtures of solo travellers, couples, groups etc. We have booked as a group of 6, a group of 36 (no joke) and even just me and my boyfriend – it works for all.
    Anna R
  • UCPA is a unique and brilliant experience, I would not describe it as a hotel but also not hostel it is somewhere in-between. Its a place where meeting people and making friends...
    Peter E