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Hyères is a gorgeous Mediterranean resort which offers ideal conditions for a number of watersports such as sailing, wind surfing and kite surfing. 

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 UCPA Hyeres26/04/2003/05/2017/05/2024/05/2031/05/2007/06/2014/06/2021/06/2028/06/2005/07/2012/07/2019/07/2026/07/2002/08/2009/08/2016/08/2023/08/2030/08/2006/09/2013/09/2020/09/2027/09/20 
UCPA Catamaran Sailing Half Time £460£460£478£442£478£460£460£478£478£496£496£513£531£558£558£531£478£478£460£442£442£442 
UCPA Scuba Diving Exploration in Giens and Porquerolles £531£531£549£513---------------£522£522£513 
UCPA Multi Water Sports £450£450£469£433£469£450£450£469£469£487£487£504£522£549£549£522£469£469£450£433£433£433 
UCPA Sport Mix 100% Hyeres £513-£531£496-£513£513£531£531£549£549£567£585£612£612£585£531£531£513£496£496£496 
UCPA Multi Activity (Water) ---------£522£522£539£558£585£585£558£504£504£487£469-- 
UCPA Fitness, Well Being & Explore -------£460£460£478£478£496£513£539£539£513£460£460£442£424-- 
UCPA Windsurfing Full Time £478£478£496£460£496£478£478£496£496£513£513£531£549£576£576£549£496£496£478£460£460£460 
UCPA Catamaran Sailing £496--£478-£496£496-£513-----------£478£478 
UCPA Sea Kayaking Half Time -----£450-£469£469£487£487£504£522£549£549£522£469£469£450£433-- 
UCPA Introduction to Scuba Diving in the Port Cros National Park £513£513£531£496£531£513£513£531£531£549£549£567£585£612£612£585£531£531£522£504£504£496 
UCPA Scuba Diving in the Port Cros National Park ----£478£460£460£478£478£496£496£513£531£558£558£531£478£478£469--- 
UCPA Windsurfing Half Time £442£442£460£424£460£442£442£460£460£478£478£496£513£539£539£513£460£460£442£424£424£424 
UCPA Sea Kayaking Full Time -----£487-£504£504£522£522£539£558£585£585£558£504£504£487£469-- 

Our week long summer holidays run from the Sunday to the Saturday. This is because in Summer equipment is not available until the Sunday evening. It is possible to add the Saturday night on for an extra fee at most resorts, just select this extra when you make your booking. 

All prices include:

  • Accommodation in Multi Share rooms
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Most courses also include: 

  • Equipment rental 
  • Instruction/Guide
  • other associated course costs

Click on a price to see more information about what is included in the holiday you are interested in.