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Lacanau is a world class surf destination on the West coast of France famous for its golden sandy beaches and surfing competitions.

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 UCPA Lacanau05/07/2012/07/2019/07/2026/07/2002/08/2009/08/2016/08/2023/08/2030/08/2006/09/2013/09/2020/09/2027/09/2004/10/2011/10/2018/10/2025/10/2028/03/2104/04/2111/04/2118/04/2125/04/21 
UCPA Horseriding £599£599£617£634£662£662£634£581£581£563£544£544£544£544£544£563£563£544£544£544£544£544 
UCPA Fitness & Well Being £464£464£482£500£527£527£500£446£446£428£410£410£410£410£410£428£428£410£410£410£410£410 
UCPA Fitness & Well Being - Under 25s £392£392£411£430---£373---------£336£336£336£336£336 
UCPA Fitness & Well Being - Special Offer -----------------£364£364£364£364£364 
UCPA Kitesurf & Surf £814£814£833£851-£878£851£797£761£743£724£724£724£724£724£743£743£761£761£761£761£761 
UCPA Surf Full Time £599£599£617£634£662£662£634£581£544£527£509£509£509£509£509£527£527£544£544£544£544£544 
UCPA Surf Half Time £527£527£544£563£590£590£563£509£473£454£437£437£437£437£437£454£454£473£473£473£473£473 
UCPA Surf Full Time - Under 25s £477£477£496£515---£459---------£421£421£421£421£421 
UCPA Surf & Golf Full Time £563£563£581£599£626£626£599£544£544------------- 
UCPA Surf Full Time - Special Offer -----------------£496£496£496£496£496 
UCPA Golf Beginners £527£527£544£563£590£590£563£509£509£491£473£473£473£473£473£491£491£473£473£473£473£473 
UCPA Tennis Half Time £454£454£473£491£518£518£491£437£437£419£401£401£401£401£401£419£419£401£401£401£401£401 
UCPA Tennis & Golf Instruction £509£509£527£544£572£572£544£491£491£473£454----------- 
UCPA Tennis Full Time £491£491£509£527£554£554£527£473£473£454£437£437£437£437£437£454£454£437£437£437£437£437 
UCPA Tennis Full Time - Under 25s £421£421£440£459---£402---------£364£364£364£364£364 
UCPA Tennis & Surf £544£544£563£581£608£608£581£527£491£473£454£454£454£454£454£473£473£491£491£491£491£491 
UCPA Tennis Full Time - Special Offer -----------------£402£402£402£402£402 
UCPA Golf Coaching £617£617£634£653£680£680£653£599£599£581£563£563£563£563£563£581£581£563£563£563£563£563 
UCPA Golf Beginners - Under 25s £459£459£477£496---£440---------£402£402£402£402£402 
UCPA Beginners Golf Instruction - Special Offer -----------------£421£421£421£421£421 
UCPA Golf Coaching - Special Offer -----------------£515£515£515£515£515 

Our week long summer holidays run from the Sunday to the Saturday. This is because in Summer equipment is not available until the Sunday evening. It is possible to add the Saturday night on for an extra fee at most resorts, just select this extra when you make your booking. 

All prices include:

  • Accommodation in Multi Share rooms
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Most courses also include: 

  • Equipment rental 
  • Instruction/Guide
  • other associated course costs

Click on a price to see more information about what is included in the holiday you are interested in.