The island of Djerba is the largest island of North Africa. Situated on the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia, Djerba has all the perfect components; palm trees and olive trees as far as the eye can see, white sand beaches, crystalline sea with warm water, mild climate, important historical heritage and the Tunisian culture of life. These all combine to make Djerba one of the more exotic destinations that we have on offer.



The island of Djerba is starting to become known as a safe haven for kitesurfing. The shallow waters and persistent winds in the surrounding lagoon mean that you can learn and practice in relatively safe conditions. This spot is perfect whether you are trying kitesurfing for the first time or advancing your technique.  Djerba offers you the best Kite surfing in North Africa. Alternatively, if you are looking to step away from the beach and explore more of the culture and heritage of the island our ‘discover sport and culture’ trip is a perfect opportunity.


​Local Town

The island has a vibrant heritage influenced by Berber, Arab, Jewish and African cultures. On the course you will be based in the tourist area of Sidi Mahrez. This is an ideal location for access to the Mediterranean beaches as well as the white washed desert towns. Houmt Souk is the main city, located just 10km from Sidi Mahrez. It is known for its ​artisanal markets, fishing port and 16th-century fortress, Borj el Kebir. To the south is El Ghriba synagogue, a pilgrimage site for North African Jews.


UCPA Centre

Rather than a standard UCPA centre all courses in Djerba are based at the Hotel Dar Ali. Situated on the north-east coast of Djerba, you are located about 100m from the beach which is private to the hotel. The architecture and colourful nature of this hotel will immerse you in the vibrance of Djerbian Culture. Run by the owners themselves you should hopefully feel right at home and part of their family.


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