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On the shores of the Indian Ocean, the charming village of Kalpitiya rests between the sea and a lagoon. Having ideal wind conditions for kitesurfing and plenty of sunshine to relax in, it is an idyllic paradise. 

A wild and exotic destination, Sri Lanka is a little paradise of serenity. The island, with its Buddhist culture, amazing food, varied landscapes of luscious forests, plains, beaches and mountains. There is a huge variety of impressive fauna and flora in the heart of the jungle, whilst at sea Kalpitiya is home to the spinner dolphins and a rare species of Sperm Whale in the turquoise waters.


The Indian Ocean is ideal for kitesurfing, and the best thing is that it's right in front of the accommodation. The small islets, reefs and sandbanks along the north of the peninsula present the perfect opportunity for downwinders and other kite trips. UCPA will organise several kite trips for you to choose from, ranging from beginner level to advanced, and you can kite at a different location each day of the week.

​Local Town

Kalipitiya itself is a 15 minute drive away from the accommodation. Kalpitiya is remarkably untouched by tourism but for those lucky enough to visit there are a plethora of things to see and do; from dolphin watching, snorkeling, bird watching and of course, to kitesurfing. With a traditional fishing community dominating the lives of local people, you can get a real insight into working life away from the bustling Sri Lankan cities. After watching the night fishing boats return in the morning it is absolutely worth a visit to one of the fish markets. If you have time, the Dutch Fort was a strategic military base and an ideal place from where to control the lucrative salt and cinnamon trades as well as the pearl diving - ​definitely worth a visit.


UCPA Centre

Instead of having a purpose built UCPA centre, in ​Kalpitiya UCPA use Kitesurf Lanka. On the Kalpitiya peninsula, the UCPA site is located between the sea and the Puttalam lagoon, in the heart of a coconut plantation. 

The UCPA site in Kalpitiya offers a chilled and relaxed atmosphere on the private beach, in the gardens, in hammocks or outdoor sofas. You can also take advantage of the various spaces, such as the swimming pool, games area and of course the bar under the coconut trees.


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