​Arranging a Military/UOTC Exped

Planning ​The Exped

Have a look at our dates and prices to find out what is available and contact us in the office to confirm availability. Let us know how many pax you are likely to have. Your ratio of instructor to students will often limit the numbers that you plan your expedition for. It is good to have an idea of the numbers, but if the numbers do change, we are able to offer free cancellation of up to 20% of the numbers, (when agreed more than 90 days before the arrival date). Numbers can be increased without fees, but this is dependent on availability. 

Once we have checked availability on your preferred date/resort, we will usually be able to reserve places through UCPA for about 10 days, by which time we would need to have received a deposit from your unit and a signed contract. We do understand how long ​authorisation can take, so we try to be as flexible as possible, but spaces can't be guaranteed until the deposit and contract are received. 


The per person cost is fully inclusive (accommodation, food, lift pass, ski hire), however to help with different grants (in particular CILOR), we can separate the costs, or provide you with different invoices according to your specific funding requirements.  

The standard deposit payment is 10%.

Ideally, the full balance will be paid 3 months in advance, but if necessary, we can arrange for the balance to be paid in instalments with the dates mutually agreed. These can be agreed to correspond with authorisation of your JSATFA and collection of personal contributions and grants. 

On Site Deposit 

You will need to leave a group deposit at the centre reception when checking in. This is usually €1000 (some centres accept this by card, others by cash). This is to cover lost/broken equipment or damage to the rooms and will be returned when everybody has returned their equipment, cleaned their rooms and returned their lift passes. 

Time Frames

We will keep in contact with you regarding payment and numbers. We will also be able to answer any specific questions about the resort - though much of the information can be found on our website.  

Once you have your contract confirmed we will request the following information: 

  • Nominal role - 1 month to 2 weeks before travel.
  • Suggested room layout -  2 weeks before travel
  • Expected time of arrival and departure and dates of birth of participants - at least 2 weeks before travel

That’s all that we will need to know until a brief chat afterwards to check that all went well!

Other Organisation

If you don't have a clue what to do or where to go? Try our