Singles Adventure Holidays

UCPA is very unique. The accommodation ‘centres’ vary between resort but can best be described as somewhere on the scale between a youth hostel, purpose built activity centre and a basic hotel.  The centres offer basic, no frills, comfortable accommodation. They are very clean, warm and have plenty of hot water. The atmosphere within the centres is very relaxed, sociable and fun; everyone gets to know each other and share a lot of laughs throughout the week.

What to Expect 

The centres are not for profit which is how they manage to offer such excellent packages, in world famous resorts, for so little. They save unnecessary costs by the guests pitching in and helping out. For example when you arrive you will be provided with clean linen for your bed, but you will have to make it yourself. Meals are self-service buffet style and when finished you will be expected to clear away your dishes and give the table a wipe clean. At the end of the week, before checking out, everyone is responsible for ensuring their room is left clean and just as you would expect to find it. This little bit of mucking in is what makes UCPA trips such excellent value and a fun experience.



UCPA is designed with solo travellers in mind. The rooms are multi share and although sizes vary the majority room between 4 and 5 people. If you are travelling alone you will be roomed in a single sex multi share room so you can get to know other travellers. The whole atmosphere of the UCPA centres is relaxed, sociable and fun.


Meals are cooked on site at UCPA by the chefs. Meals are buffet style with a number of options to pick from and of course seconds are allowed! As you would expect in France meals are a sociable time so the big dining halls are always bustling with people chatting about their day.


UCPA instructors are all fully qualified through the French system, which for many sports is generally considered the best in the world. The instructors are usually young, enthusiastic and keen to have fun throughout the week. You will spend the whole week with the same instructor and group so you will get to know each other well which makes it a lot less formal. Solo travellers are encouraged to select an activity with a full time instruction option as this means you will have morning and afternoon sessions with your group. There will be free time before and after lessons to spend time with friends you have made on different courses.


All technical equipment required for the course is provided upon arrival. So you don't need your own skis, wetsuit, lift jacket, harness etc ..this is all included in the price. You will need to take your own personal clothing like ski clothing, swim shorts and trainers. All the kit is well maintained and 50% is replaced every year. Of course if you have your own kit you want to take with you that's fine too. 


The facilities within the UCPA can vary. All UCPA centres have social areas, large dining halls, a bar and equipment rooms to store your kit overnight. The bar is a great place to meet people, everyone likes to meet here before and after dinner to discuss the day. The equipment rental is on site saving you a lot of time and hassle. If you have a problem with your kit throughout the week you can visit the equipment room to discuss your problem with the staff and swap it for alternative gear. For more information on what other facilities are available at the centres check out the specific resort pages.

Organised Solo Weeks

During the winter season ​UCPA UK offers approximately 6 special organised solo weeks. The dates and resorts are set, however you can pick the ski or snowboard course which suits your level. A member of the UCPA UK team will travel to resort to spend a week skiing and socialising with the group. They will arrange an initial meet up with the group so everyone can get to know each other on day one. The rest of the week the group can make plans for dinner times, activities and nights out. The UCPA UK rep is there to do the initial introductions and to help if you have any problems, they won't be forcing any activities or plans on you - this is your holiday!  

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