UCPA SKi & Snowboard Packages: Up to ​55 Years

UCPA was set up initially to encourage young people into the outdoors and to make quality coaching more accessible and affordable. The ethos remains the same and therefore the UCPA age restrictions of 18-39 years reflects this. Recently more and more people over 40 are shunning the outdated luxury ski holidays in preference for top resorts, quality coaching and relaxed and sociable surroundings at affordable prices. The UCPA has reacted by introducing various options for people aged over 45 (and under 18).

Relaxed Age Weeks 18-55

Now people aged up to 55 years can enjoy the same great all inclusive packages and low pricing available to people aged under 45. Join one of our 'relaxed age weeks' open to people aged 18 to ​55 years. There is no restriction on the courses available, therefore whatever your level there is a course perfect for you. 

Relaxed Age Weeks for Winter 18/19 are not yet confirmed. Please check back later for updates.

UCPA+ Courses 18-55

The UCPA have introduced specific UCPA+ courses which have an extended age restriction of 55 years old. All advanced and expert level off piste courses have the extended age restriction, therefore if you are aged 18 to 55 and are at the correct level for the off piste course you can book any course, at any resort (apart from Tignes), any week. There are also a number of Ski Coaching, Ski Progression and Ski Beginners courses with the extended age. See below for dates and prices, but please double check the ​activity description as some of the courses are only available for those up to age 45 in some centres. 

What to Expect

The UCPA packages are very unique therefore if you are new to the UCPA experience we suggest you take the opportunity to read more about the UCPA and what to expect from your holiday. The UCPA is primarily aimed towards people aged 18-39 however flexibility in the age restrictions means guests ages can range from 16 and over.  Read more about the age restriction policy here


If you don't have a clue what to do or where to go? Try our



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UCPA was originally set up to provide affordable adventure holiday packages for people aged 18 to ​39.

Today the UCPA has a wide variety of excellent value ski & snowboard packages for people of all ages.


Resort Guide Chamonix Argentiere Flaine Val Thorens La Plagne Les Arcs Tignes Val D'isere Deux Alpes Serre Chevalier
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 UCPA Argentiere26/08/1802/09/1809/09/1816/09/1823/09/1829/11/1801/12/1806/12/1808/12/1813/12/1815/12/1819/12/1820/12/1821/12/1822/12/1825/12/1826/12/1829/12/1802/01/1905/01/1906/01/1909/01/1912/01/1916/01/1919/01/1923/01/1926/01/1930/01/1902/02/1906/02/1909/02/1916/02/1923/02/1902/03/1909/03/1913/03/1916/03/1920/03/1923/03/1927/03/1929/03/1930/03/1903/04/1906/04/1910/04/1913/04/1917/04/1918/04/1920/04/1924/04/1925/04/1927/04/1930/04/1902/05/1909/05/19 
UCPA Intro to Snowboard Off Piste --------------£815--£875-£782--£843-£875-£889-£907-£875£875£875£875£907-£875-£815--£764-£722-£722--------- 
UCPA Short Break 4 Day - Intro to Ski Touring --------------£468--£537-£468--£505-£522-£522-£537-----£537-£537-£486--£458-£458-£458--------- 
UCPA Intro to Ski Touring & Ski Technique --------------£782--£907-£782--£852-£880-£880-£907-£852£852£852£852£907-£907-£815--£769-£718-£718--------- 
UCPA Student 6 Day Special Offer - Ski/Snowboard Instruction --------------------£369---------------------------------- 
UCPA Argentiere Off Piste Steeps ------------------------£1037-£1050---£1037£1037£1037£1037£1069-£1037-£977--£926-£883----------- 
UCPA Ski Tour - Grand Paradis Haute Route ------------------------------------£967------£967----£967------ 
UCPA Ski Full Time Beginners --------------£731--£792-£699--£759-£792-£806-£824-£792£792£792£792£824-£792-£731--£681-£639-£639--------- 
UCPA Short Break 4 Day - Ski Beginners --------------£486--£560-£440--£481-£495-£495-£514-----£514-£514-£458--£431-£402-£329--------- 
UCPA Snowboard Full Time Beginners --------------£731--£792-£699--£759-£792-£806-£824-£792£792£792£792£824-£792-£731--£681-£639-£639--------- 
UCPA Ski Tour - Mont Blanc Massif ----------------------------------£940-£911-£856--£819-£819-£819--£819------ 
UCPA Ski Full Time Instruction --------------£731--£792-£699--£759-£792-£806-£824-£792£792£792£792£824-£792-£731--£681-£639-£639--------- 
UCPA Short Break 4 day - Ski Instruction --------------£486--£644-£440--£481-£495-£495-£514-----£514-£514-£458--£431-£402-£337--------- 
UCPA Snowboard Half Time Instruction --------------£667--£727-£634--£694-£727-£741-£759-£727£727£727£727£759-£727-£667--£616-£574-£574--------- 
UCPA Short Break 4 Day - Snowboard Instruction Half Time --------------£476--£476-£402--£444-£458-£458-£476-----£476-£476-£421--£394-£366-£292--------- 
UCPA Ski Coaching --------------£769--£829-£736--£800-£829-£846-£846-£829£829£829£829£865-£829-£769--£718-£676-£676--------- 
UCPA Ski/Snowboard - No Instruction --------------£657--£718-£625--£685-£718-£731-£750-£718£718£718£718£750-£718-£657--£606-£565-£565--------- 
UCPA Short Break 4 Day - No Instruction ----------------£407-£444--£439-£472-£491-£500-£509-----£509£444£491£407£454-£380£426£356£402£356£402-£356--£402--- 
UCPA Introduction to Off Piste Skiing --------------£815--£875-£782--£843-£875-£889-£907-£875£875£875£875£907-£875-£815--£764-£722-£722--------- 
UCPA Ski Off Piste - Advanced --------------£833--£894-£801--£861-£894-£907-£926-£894£894£894£894£926-£894-£833---------------- 
UCPA Ski Off Piste High Mountain - Expert --------------£911--£972-£880--£939-£972-£985-£1004-£972£972£972£972£1004-£972-£911---------------- 
UCPA Snowboard Off Piste - Advanced --------------£833--£894-£801--£861-£894-£907-£926-£894£894£894£894£926-£894-£833--£782-£741----------- 
UCPA Snowboard Off Piste High Mountain - Expert --------------£911----£880----£972---£1004--£972-£972--£972----£861---£815--------- 
UCPA Short Break 4 Day - Ski Off Piste Advanced ----------------£491-£560--£491-£532-£546-----------£560-£509--£481-£463-£444-------- 
UCPA Ski Tour Introduction --------------£870--£931-£838--£898-£931-£944-£963-£931£931£931£931£963-£931-£870--£819------------- 
UCPA Ski Free Rando High Mountain - Expert+ -------------------£893--£957-£985-£1005-£1023-£985£985£985£985£1023-£985-£930---------------- 
UCPA Ski Tour - Cham Valley -------------------£935--£935-£935-£935-£935-------------------------- 
UCPA Ski Free Rando - Expert ----------------------£856-£889-£903-£921-£889£889£889£889£921---£829---------------- 
UCPA Free Rando Evasion Argentiere - Expert ----------------------£1037-£1037-£1037-£1037-----£1037-£1037------------------ 
UCPA Splitboard High Mountain Off Piste - Expert+ ----------------------£1004---£1069---£1028-£1028-£1069---£1000----£985-£1000--------- 
UCPA Ski Tour - Short Break 4 Day - Val Ferret, Italy ----------------------£579---£579------£579--£579----£579---£579--------- 
UCPA Ski Tour - Simplon --------------------------£935---£935-£935--------£935------£935------ 
UCPA Ski Tour - Val Maira ----------------------------£935--£935-£935----£935---------------- 
UCPA Ski Tour - Short Break 4 Day - Aiguilles Rouges ----------------------------£630-£630---£630---£630---------------- 
UCPA Ski Tour - Chamonix Zermatt Original ------------------------------------£1217----£1217---£1217--------- 
UCPA Ski Tour - Grand Jorasses --------------------------------------£967----£967----£967------ 
UCPA Ski Tour - Chamonix Zermatt Classic --------------------------------------£1028----£1028----------- 
UCPA Ski Tour - Saas Fee - Zermatt --------------------------------------£1028------£1028--------- 
UCPA Ski Tour - Glaciers du Mont-Blanc -----------------------------------------£1009-£1009-£963--£944------ 
UCPA Ski Cross Country (Ski du Fond - Classic & Skate) --------------£639--£699-£606--£667-£699-£713-£731-£699£699£699£699£731-------------------- 
Argentiere (Summer)
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 UCPA Argentiere (Summer)26/08/1802/09/1809/09/1816/09/1823/09/1829/11/1801/12/1806/12/1808/12/1813/12/1815/12/1819/12/1820/12/1821/12/1822/12/1825/12/1826/12/1829/12/1802/01/1905/01/1906/01/1909/01/1912/01/1916/01/1919/01/1923/01/1926/01/1930/01/1902/02/1906/02/1909/02/1916/02/1923/02/1902/03/1909/03/1913/03/1916/03/1920/03/1923/03/1927/03/1929/03/1930/03/1903/04/1906/04/1910/04/1913/04/1917/04/1918/04/1920/04/1924/04/1925/04/1927/04/1930/04/1902/05/1909/05/19 
UCPA The most beautiful trails around Mont Blanc Under 25 £354£334----------------------------------------------------- 
UCPA MTB - Mont Blanc Massif - Under 25 -£391£373---------------------------------------------------- 
UCPA Discover the High Mountains Under 25 --£469