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A tennis holiday with UCPA is a way to improve your technique, meet others, but still enjoy a traditional holiday vibe. With courses running in great locations such as Lacanau and Bombannes, you can enjoy playing in a new environment, where the sea is close by and the weather is warm.

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Lying on a lounger in the sun is great, but it can get boring. We know. A tennis holiday provides you with instruction to improve, as well as a group to play against and socialise with.

This trip will of course keep you fit whilst away, but also give you the opportunity to relax in the sun, win-win.

All UCPA coaches are qualified coaches, selected not only for their tennis skills but for their personal qualities too; patience, enthusiasm, humuor and so on. The instructors are French speaking with varying levels of English.

What kit do you need?

UCPA will provide all tennis equipment including; racquets and balls.

You will need to bring trainers and comfortable sports clothing, suncream, cap and sunglasses and a big water bottle to keep you hydrated!

How fit do you need to be?

You don’t need to be super-fit! However, a good general level of fitness will help you progress faster, give you more stamina on the court and help you to avoid injuries

What will I be able to do by the end of the week?

Forehand and Backhand strokes: You will learn the entire movement, from the backswing to the point of contact to the follow-through. These strokes are the key to tennis, so you will be doing plenty of drills and practice throughout the week.

The serve: Work on the ball toss, developing a consistent point of contact and the exact timing to get that ball over the net and accurately placed in the box.

Footwork: Balance and efficiency in your footwork movements will save energy and get you from shot to shot and winning those points. You will be doing lots of footwork drills to improve your agility.

Volleying: Volleying is a technique where a player almost taps the ball over the net, very little swing is used in this type of shot. Volleying is usually done close to the net, and certainly gets your opponent running around the court a lot more.

What skills should I already have?

You’ll already have an understanding of the basic techniques, movements and rules of the game. Ideally, you can hold a decent rally and hit the serve accurately 60% of the time. You’ve had some coaching before, or played with friends a few times, this could have been recently or in the past however.

What will I be able to do by the end of the week?

The serve: Continuing work on your serve, consistently hitting the ball with greater accuracy. 

Topspin: A topspin forehand and backhand enables a player to hit the tennis ball with much more power and topspin while still being able to keep the ball in the court. This type of shot is something that will take you to the next level of your game.

Tactics: You will learn to develop match strategy and play more tactically. You will learn what type of shots work when, how to move your opponent around the court to your benefit and footwork to make your shots as accurate as they can be.

What skills should I already have?

You’ll probably already be playing regularly, taking lessons or playing at a club. In a match, you’ll have mastered playing a range of shots and regularly use topspin forehand and backhand. You’ll have confidence at the net when volleying and your serve will be accurate and consistent too. Ideally, you can hold a rally using topspin competently off both tramlines.

What will I be able to do by the end of the week?

Your shots will be broken down to see where your game needs improving. A lot of work will be put into your topspin development and slice accuracy. Potential video analysis with the instructors to help you see where you need to tweak your technique. UCPA will hope to also push your tactical play to another level, keeping your energy levels going and tiring your opponent out!

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