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Groups of Friends

Earn free places – group leaders can travel for free! UCPA trips are perfect for large groups seeking fun in the snow. The shared rooms, large dining halls, group lessons and on-site kit rooms makes travelling as a large group much easier than you might expect. Our booking system is also specially designed with groups in mind, so it’s easy for each individual group member to book and pay for their own trip – saving the organiser a massive headache.

Always included in our holidays

Ski or snowboard hire


Instruction or guiding


All meals

Friendly & social atmosphere

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One fixed price per person, no hassle, no stress of collecting money, no problems if someone cancels. 

  1. Use our resort finder to choose the perfect resort and date for your group – remember everyone in the group can select the course most suited to their level, so everyone can join. Check availability using the 'check availability' function on the course description page. If you are a group of more than 12 people then contact the office to check availability.

  2. Book yourself and pay your deposit to confirm your place. You can now share the trip on Facebook or e-mail the holiday link to all the group members. If you know the group's personal details and wish to pay altogether – no problem! Just select 'add a friend' and you can register all your friends at the same time and pay the deposit for everyone in one transaction.

  3. Most groups prefer to book and pay separately and that's very easy – each individual simply follows the 'holiday link' you shared and follows the instructions to add their details and pay their own deposit. They can choose different activities, travel options, room options – but obviously have to be at the same resort on the same week!

  4. You can review your holiday booking at any time, see who's booked, who has paid and send out links to other friends. Booking confirmations, payment reminders and holiday details emails go directly to each member of the group so the group leader doesn't have to do all the chasing.

  5. Once all deposit payments are made, we will send chase the balance payment so that you don't have to and we send 'holiday details' to each individual group member, so everyone knows where they are going, what they have to pack and what to expect. Then it's holiday time!
  6. Group discount Once 10 people have booked* and fully paid let us know and we will refund the group leader 50% of the lowest priced holiday. If the group expands to 20 people or more get back in touch and we will refund the remaining 50%. Please be aware that refunds are issued at 7 days or less before the trip (or they are issued after the trip). Refunds won't happen automatically so you will have to keep an eye on your group totals and drop us an email remind us.

*Group bookings will not be eligible for discounts where the booked holidays are already at a discounted price (i.e. 18-25 holidays, 18-30 holidays, family week bookings, and group bookings on a contract), or where a discount voucher has been applied.

The UCPA accommodation is referred to as ‘centres’. These can best be described as being on the scale between activity centres, nice hostels and basic hotels. Some centres are newly renovated and very modern where as some are slightly older, however they are all very clean, warm, sociable and in great locations.

Rooms are shared therefore if you select the multi share option you will be allocated a bed in a room with your friends (usually 4-6 people per room). If you are travelling alone this will be a single sex room, if you are travelling with mates it may be a mixed room. The UCPA always tries to room friends together and 99% of the time this is possible, however in some very rare circumstances they are unable to do so. The only way to 100% guarantee you are roomed with a friend is for you both to select the private twin room option and pay the extra supplement.

Private twin rooms are available in most of the centres for 2 people travelling together, availability is limited though.

The UCPA is very sociable and the shared room set up means that the UCPA is a perfect environment for groups of friends traveling together. The UCPA has plenty of social areas including a bar, so plenty of space to hang out together.


Ski Half Time and Ski Full Time

Our two most popular piste skiing courses are Ski Half Time and Ski Full Time. The former provides you with half day lessons in either the morning or the afternoon, whereas the latter is both morning and afternoon sessions. Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday morning are typically free days without instructions.

Half Time (12 ​hours approximately)
This allows you to spend 4 or 5 half day sessions with your instructor, but still allows plenty of time for practice either on your own, with your group or with friends who have been skiing in a group of a different level or course.

Full Time (23 hours approximately)
You will have 8 or 9 half day sessions with your instructor, so this really maximises your time to improve. You'll still have free time to ski at the end of each day as well as on Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday to ski with friends, practice or just relax. This is a great option for people who are travelling alone.

No instruction

If you would rather do your own thing, that is fine. There are two courses you can book on to, either 'No Instruction' or 'Ski Basic'. No Instruction is exactly what the title suggests, whereby you can still benefit from the all inclusive package but be independent. Ski Basic is similar, but it consists of two half day sessions throughout the week to provide you with a small amount of instruction/guiding.

These courses are not recommended for solo travellers as being in a group is a great way to meet other people. They are also not suitable for beginners.

Our trips are not amendable in any way unfortunately. If 'No Instruction' or 'Ski Basic' are not available options it is not possible to remove instruction from another course and pay a reduced price.

Do I need lessons?

It depends what you want to take away from your trip. Lessons are a great way to meet other people, improve your skiing and be shown the best areas of the resort for the current conditions. There are lessons for all abilities from beginner to expert including off piste and ski touring. There are enough skiers and boarders that the groups are often very similar in terms of level and ability, thus very little time is spent waiting around for others.

UCPA instructors are all trained in house and are ​extremely experienced. Throughout the week you will have the same instructor who will be able to really develop your skiing.

If you're a beginner the answer is almost certainly yes. It might look easy, but your first turns ​will always be the hardest​!

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